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The aim of the Share Your Power project was to develop a public, real-time visualisation of domestic electricity usage. The displays were trialled in a total of three households, two of which were directly neighbouring each other. The display was electro-mechanical and utilised flip-dot technology. This type of display uses physical discs that are controlled to either show a white or black dot. The technology is highly energy-efficient as it only draws electricity for changing the content of the display. A further advantage over light-based display technologies is that flip-dot displays are highly visible even in bright daylight.

A custom-built tablet web application allowed users to control the flip-dot displays from inside the house. The tablet application also served as a real-time energy monitor as it displayed the household’s electricity usage in watts as well as the visualisations that could be sent to the public display.


Dr. Martin Tomitsch - Associate Professor, Director of Bachelor of Design Computing

Stephanie Fynn - Interaction Designer

Hanley Weng - Interaction Designer

Heather McKinnon - Interaction Designer

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