A Flâneur's Trace

About Project

We wished to create a curious manifestation that would spark the interest of the pedestrian waiting on the street corner. This is reflected via an interactive projection that appears at the foot of the pedestrian. It projects an evocative ‘path’, using vivid imagery, that leads them to the screen.

Once they arrive at the screen, the passerby immediately catches sight of their silhouette reflecting back at them. As they stand motionless for a temporary moment, colour and movement begin to slowly emerge out of their silhouette, encouraging them to slow down and notice the curious detail surrounding them. The amount of colour they generate is proportionate to the amount of time they stand in front of the screen. They are creating a piece of art which becomes part of the space.

As they move away, their silhouette and generated colours remain on the screen as a trace of their experience. This is left for others to see. Slowly the image fades over time, replaced by remnants of other peoples’ moments. The trace is transient, as is a person’s place in the city.

The individual, who a short time ago was waiting on the street in a monotonous state, is now a Flâneur – a wanderer of the street who establishes a temporary relationship with what he or she sees, engaging in an unplanned journey through a landscape where they encounter an entirely new and authentic experience.


Stephanie Fynn - Interaction Designer

Jane Sivieng - Interaction Designer

Heather McKinnon - Interaction Designer

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