Ontology of a Closet

About Project

You enter a dark space with an ominous looking wardrobe lit by a dimmed bulb. Upon opening the creaking doors, water spills down. Slowly, light fades in and you see an unusual juxtaposition of imagery in locomotion. The kinetic motion appears to go far deeper than the depth of the wardrobe itself...

In the second room, there is a map and binoculars on a small table with a colourful hot-air balloon spinning above. You walk over and place the binoculars to your eyes. The kaleidoscopic patterns emerge as you pass over the map. Encoded messages are revealed.

I am researching bifocal vision, depth perception and old science techniques with mirrors and lenses that distort images. It is very much an experimental process about perspective. 


A water pump, perspex sheets, window tint, 32 RPM motors, arduino, relay, UV lights, the 100 year old wardrobe, a lace hot-air balloon, a kinetic silver sculpture, kaleidoscopic binoculars and an illustrated map.

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