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Temporalas is an interactive light installation commissioned by Vivid Sydney. While approaching Temporalas, a curious light manifests from your feet. The light quickly turns into vivid imagery and continues forward leaving a projected pathway for you to follow. The evocative pathway advances towards the sculpture, luring you, and the people around you, to come closer. The mechanical imagery appears, forming a path towards the final destination — a clock-like light sculpture. As you draw nearer, the enigmatic light sculpture pulses. You retreat back to see if your immediate actions affect the life of this sculpture and you soon realise that you are now an integral part of this artwork, controlling its output with your presence.

Out of curiosity you touch the sculpture and your projected pathway dissolves. Immediately something unexpected occurs. Vivid imagery is again projected, this time onto your hand. You move your hand around and are surprised to see the imagery remains animated on your palm. The transference of imagery from the sculpture to the individual exposes, in an almost vulnerable way, the undeniable yet often overlooked connection we have with the environment surrounding us.

Materials: 6mm ply wood, veneer, polycarbonate sheets, 24 Volt warm LED, arduino, kinect, proximity sensor, projectors and hard wood 


Stephanie Fynn - Project Manager and UX Designer.

Simon Macias - Designer

Jon McEwan - Coder

Ingrid Pohl - Architect

Heather McKinnon - UX Designer

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